Put your training to the test! Come to CapitolaMan!
The most beautiful time of
year on the California
central coast.


2.4 Mile Swim
112 Mile Bike
26.2 Mile Run

Race Postponed
until 2016

Announcements at the swim start

Swim finish on beach

Transition one, swim to bike

Bike course in Salinas Valley

Female runner
swim course map


Swim Course 2015

The swim will start at the historic Cement Ship, just south of the village of Capitola, located at Seacliff State Park Beach. The swim is a triangular, two lap course with right hand turns. Each leg of the triangle is approximately 700 yards. At the end of the first loop athletes will run out of the water, around a marker and begin the second loop. At the end of loop 2 swimmers run from the water across the beach to T-1.

Swim cut-off time: 9:45am


T1 transition


New Bike Course for 2015

This year's bike course winds through the backroads of Santa Cruz County. The rural backroads of this sparcely populated area of the County take you from the Cement Ship in Seacliff (where the swim takes place) to the Southern end of the County at West Beach Street through the strawberry fields 'forever'...Then after a slight bump in the Earth on the return the course turns East towards Watsonville through the historic farming section of Freedom. You then turn into the hills and the apple orchards of what were the beginnings of the vast empire of apple orchards and logging roads that once dominated the County. A short loop that leads up to the base of Mt. Madonna and Hazel Dell lead out into Green Valley and Pioneer roads. Once you do a short out-and-back up to the base of Eureka Canyon the course leads back through Aptos towards Seacliff. A journey through the redwoods of Aptos is awe inspiring...an incredible journey! But not to worry... you are not done. Once you reach the historic Aptos Village you turn left and do it again...for a total of 112 miles. On the second lap you turn right and follow Soquel Dr. 2 miles to the T-2 finish line area. This year's bike course has a few bumps in the Earth but they are all short and easy hills.
Click here to see route in full screen and printable turn by turn directions.
Bike cut-off time: 5:30pm



T1 transition


Run Course 2015

The run leaves the academic capital of Cabrillo Jr. College and proceeds South into the pioneer village of Aptos into Nisene Marks State Park. This double out-and-back course is mainly packed gravel fire road to the base of Loma Prieta Mountain. The run through the park is shrouded by giant redwoods and along the Aptos Creek and turns around at the base of the incline to the County's highest peak. The run turn-around is at 'ground zero' of the devastating 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake. It is literally a few yards from the actual Epicenter! The return run is mainly down hill and the softness of the running surface is what draws nearly a thousand runners each Sunday morning to its squishy path. Nearly 19 miles of the marathon are off pavement, good news for your hips and legs at the end of an Ironman distance race! Aid is every mile and food is plentiful. Bring your own headlamp or use the ones we provide.
Click here to see route in full screen and printable turn by turn directions.

Run course closes at: 12:15am Sunday, Sept. 13



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